IPMI Meets in Ft. Worth

The IPMI has begun its annual parking conference in Ft.Worth. We wish them all the best at their extravaganza.

The IPMI (then the IPI) was the organization that took parking conferences to their current level decades ago and have never looked back. We here at PT join the rest of the industry in supporting those in attendance, the exhibitors and the IPMI crew and wishing them an educational, successful, and profitable event.

Shawn and his team outdo themselves each year and we can see no reason this will be any exception. Unfortunately Astrid and I won’t be able to join them this year, but I’m sure they can survive without our presence. We will miss seeing our friends and participating in “parking” in Ft. Worth. Rest assured we will be back next year.

Marcy will carry the PT banner at this year’s show. She brings our best wishes and carries our banner, “WE LOVE PARKING.

IPMI’s Shawn Conrad, Cindy Campbell (R) and Carole Whitehorne of the Canadian Parking Association

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