Probably the most critical part of our lives is time, and how we spend it. I wonder from time to time (yep, I said that) just what we can do to make our lives more time sensitive. Spend some time thinking about it.

That’s what we do, spend time. And when its gone, there is not way to get it back. We can’t built it, we can’t bank it, we can’t hide it for later use. Once time is gone, it is gone for good.

Yet we squander time. The internet and social media are places where we waste time. We follow people who we think are leading interesting lives we would love to lead (can you say Kardashian). We seem to think if we see it online, it must be true. We find things interesting that simply aren’t. We watch or listen to podcasts that are simply advertorials for the person on the cast, and then change our lives to fit. What a waste of precious time.

Those of us here at PT have tried to provide tools to help you make better use of that most limited resource. Parknews.biz, our parking news aggregator, can be scanned in a very few minutes and the headlines can give you an idea of something that might help you in your daily parking life. Astrid averages 10 to 15 parking based stories from around the world on Parknews.biz each day, that’s over 200 a month. If you are not inclined to ‘on line,’ you can read a summary of between 30 and 70 articles each month in Parking Today’s industry news section. Proper names are in bold, so it can be quickly scanned. If you have a specific item you require, go to our web site, Parkingtoday.com, enter your request in the search field on the home page, and you will automatically and quickly search our entire body of work over the past 25 years.

Anything we can do to help you make better use of your valuable time, please let us know.

Like the late great Jim Croce sang, “If I could Save Time in a Bottle…”

If only


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