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John Van Horn is founder, editor and publisher of Parking Today Magazine. His background prior to his decade with PT was nearly 20 years in the parking business marketing parking revenue control equipment. After receiving a BA from UCLA, he served in the Army three years during the Vietnam era, ran a small country weekly newspaper, and then worked in marketing and sales in the access control and security fields. He writes about parking daily and has spoken before professional groups in China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Abu Dhabi, and Brazil, He has addressed parking groups in California, Texas, New Mexico, New York, Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Washington DC. He has two sons, JT and Andy. JT and his wife, Francine and daughter, Ashley, live in Puyallup, near Seattle, and Andy and his wife, Karen, and daughter, Shing, live in Los Angeles. JVH and wife Robyn live in West Los Angeles with dog, Suki and cat, Brackets

I’m Stunned and Gratified

Marcy and Kelley are reporting that we are nearing 600 attendees at PIE 2021. Yes, you read right. Nearly 600 people have pre-registered for our Parking Industry Exhibition to be held in Mid-July in Dallas. We have also heard from … Continue reading

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Face to Face in OZ

Our friends in OZ are opening up and actually going back to work. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Dell’s operations in Australia are welcoming their employees back into the office and the workers are loving it. … Continue reading

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The Subject is Fear

I walk every afternoon with my neighbor and dog GIGI. We make a circuit around the neighborhood and see a number of folks doing the same thing. Some, we know and stop and chat and let the dogs sniff each … Continue reading


Actually Going Inside a Restaurant          

For those of you living in more advanced societies, like Florida, Texas, Arizona, or Nevada, this may be a bit over the top, but actually going inside to eat in a restaurant is something new here in California. Last week … Continue reading

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Just because you can

Robyn got a new car. It’s a Mini Cooper. Back in the day, I drove a Mini Cooper. In the UK. I could barely fit into it. It was like a clown car at the circus. It had an engine, … Continue reading

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We’re Back — Live and in Person

I was in Las Vegas last week and the city was abuzz with the news that the World of Concrete would be held in early June at the city’s convention center. The in-person convention is expected to bring more than … Continue reading

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That’s What Freedom is all About

A couple of days ago I wrote a piece about “The New Normal” and in one prepositional phrase, mentioned rolling one’s eyes when the topic of masks came up. I pushed at least one button. My buddy Tony Jordan from … Continue reading


Parking Minimums and No Parking At All

The City of New Haven, supported by the city Parking Authority, is moving down the path of removing parking minimum for new construction. The Parking Authority sees this as a boon to its empty garages. Lots of construction with no … Continue reading

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The Crystal Ball – The New Normal – Balderdash

The New Normal. Changes we see now will be permanent. Business travel will always be down. Work from home will be permanent. It’s the New Normal. Major business decisions are being made based on the New Normal. For some reason, … Continue reading


Its A Con Game

If you are a manufacturer you have probably received an email from a company hawking mailing lists from upcoming parking events. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Its is a confidence game. There is no list, and if there is one, it … Continue reading

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