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John Van Horn is founder, editor and publisher of Parking Today Magazine. His background prior to his decade with PT was nearly 20 years in the parking business marketing parking revenue control equipment. After receiving a BA from UCLA, he served in the Army three years during the Vietnam era, ran a small country weekly newspaper, and then worked in marketing and sales in the access control and security fields. He writes about parking daily and has spoken before professional groups in China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Abu Dhabi, and Brazil, He has addressed parking groups in California, Texas, New Mexico, New York, Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Washington DC. He has two sons, JT and Andy. JT and his wife, Francine and daughter, Ashley, live in Puyallup, near Seattle, and Andy and his wife, Karen, and daughter, Shing, live in Los Angeles. JVH and wife Robyn live in West Los Angeles with dog, Suki and cat, Brackets

Does Big Wind Need Another Bailout?

I am musing over an article I read at the blog Hot Air. Seems the major suppliers of wind turbines, including Germany’s Siemens, Denmark’s Vestas, US’s General Electric, Denmark’s Orsted, each have lost billions, with a B, in 2022 in … Continue reading

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Frustration VS Acceptance

This is probably one of those blogs I should write then delete. Let’s see how it turns out. I am deaf. Well not totally deaf, but my hearing loss is in the exact frequency of speech. I can hear the … Continue reading

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Should we complicate a process, just because we can?

Are we, as a parking industry, supporting all our customers? Astrid over at parknews.biz has posted article after article bemoaning cities and parking organizations that are requiring their customers to use various parking apps to pay their parking. This, it … Continue reading


Light Up the Night You are the Star Party, PIE 2023

From Astrid: “Work doesn’t work without play” – Shonda Rhimes This year at PIE 2023, we celebrate the innovator and the experience in you. You are the star! Therefore, bring your inner Bogart, Monroe, Pacino, Washington, Streep or Elsa, Woodie, … Continue reading

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What Business are we in? Find out at PIE 2023

What do the leaders of major parking equipment suppliers and leading institutions have to do with a presentation at PIE 2023? Is it possible that we could ask them some questions that would give us more insight into the industry … Continue reading

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Oh, For Goodness Sake

Just what is the matter with these people. The LA Times has a front page article quoting various ‘experts’ reference power outages due to the storms that have hit California in the past few weeks. Seems these sages are wanting … Continue reading

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Cart – Horse – Yep

Letter to Editor, LA Times: Yes, parking spaces are a sad waste of space that could be put to much better use. Planting space for trees and shrubs. Parks. Playgrounds. But until we get serious about effective and efficient (not … Continue reading


Wrong Wrong Wrong

I have written often of so called experts who have been proven wrong, time after time, but still are called upon to espouse their theories as if they are correct. The most famous, and recently on TV (60 Minutes) is … Continue reading

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It’s the LAW!

I have received a gazillion emails touting local health spas and online health programs. Get you body in shape for the new year. Yeah right. Not that getting in shape isn’t a good idea, but aren’t we forgetting one part … Continue reading

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2022…With Gratitude

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” Meister Eckhart 1260-1327 I have been discussing this concept of gratitude with a couple of friends, and have come to the conclusion … Continue reading

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