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John Van Horn is founder, editor and publisher of Parking Today Magazine. His background prior to his decade with PT was nearly 20 years in the parking business marketing parking revenue control equipment. After receiving a BA from UCLA, he served in the Army three years during the Vietnam era, ran a small country weekly newspaper, and then worked in marketing and sales in the access control and security fields. He writes about parking daily and has spoken before professional groups in China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Abu Dhabi, and Brazil, He has addressed parking groups in California, Texas, New Mexico, New York, Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Washington DC. He has two sons, JT and Andy. JT and his wife, Francine and daughter, Ashley, live in Puyallup, near Seattle, and Andy and his wife, Karen, and daughter, Shing, live in Los Angeles. JVH and wife Robyn live in West Los Angeles with dog, Suki and cat, Brackets

PIE Events Nearly Sold Out

Top Golf at PIE 2023 has only a few spots left, and the room block at the hotel is over 90% reserved, according to PIE Director Marcy Sparrow. “We strongly urge attendees to register and then make their reservations. There … Continue reading

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The Numbers – What we must look at when buying EV Chargers

What kind of issue does the prospect of EV (electric vehicle) adoption in the transportation economy represent for the Parking Industry? Is it a novel challenge or even a game changer?  Many questions are raised by EV adoption, but are … Continue reading

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EV Charging Leads the Pack at PIE 2023

Two major seminars at PIE 2023 will focus on EV Charging. First, Starting the Leap of EV Charging. Eight professionals start the seminar by telling their trials and tribulations in purchasing and running EV Chargers. An airport, three cities, and … Continue reading

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When We Think about Seminars

As I looked at the cover picture of Jordan and Clyde I began to wonder about just how Innovation and Experience work together. These two are the classic examples of the two. Jordan has come up with his innovation, his … Continue reading

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Musings on Scooters and EVs

I know that you are probably tired of my looking out my window and reporting on what I see, but sometimes I can’t help it. I was reading in the parking media about scooter parking and the use of scooters … Continue reading

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From Concept to Reality

Our Cover for March: Innovator Jordan Justus meets Clyde Wilson and his 40 years of experience. The concept of this cover came from Astrid and I thank her and the graphics team (Shelly and Romina) that made it possible. See … Continue reading

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Are US Charging Stations Going To Kill the EV Movement?

Astrid nailed it this morning with a post over at Parknews.biz. The headline is above. It’s a video by Marques Brownlee that features his experience helping someone trying to charge their Tesla at a non Tesla charging station. Its theme … Continue reading

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Premature Electrification

Let’s face it – the Dodge Ram commercial for a truck that doesn’t exist was the funniest of all the multimillion dollar ads aired during the ‘big game’. For those of you who didn’t see it, I suggest you Google … Continue reading

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Are We Diluting the Parking Business

When Lee Iacocca said “I’m in the car business” he was focused like a laser beam on his core business and on saving Chrysler from extinction. He wasn’t in the airplane business, the motorcycle business, the business of building buses … Continue reading

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Does Big Wind Need Another Bailout?

I am musing over an article I read at the blog Hot Air. Seems the major suppliers of wind turbines, including Germany’s Siemens, Denmark’s Vestas, US’s General Electric, Denmark’s Orsted, each have lost billions, with a B, in 2022 in … Continue reading