Toledo Ticket is now Toledo Ticket Technologies

November 17, 2020

Dave Dorner, Toledo Ticket Technologies

What does one think of when thinking about Toledo Ticket? A five-generation family owned company that has generously given back to the parking industry with their time and treasures? The first company you see when you enter a parking expo event? Quality tickets, hang tags, decals and more? Gumby, Gumby, Gumby? Yes, these all come to mind.

But how many people think technology? Probably not many. Well you should! Toledo Ticket now Toledo Ticket Technologies was the first to incorporate RFID into a hangtag and the first to use printed bar codes for parking. For some time now, they have offered the necessary tools for touchless access in various industries. Through use of RFID, bar codes, QR codes, fobs, and NFC chips they have provided their customers the tools to gain touchless access to parking, events, buildings, and classrooms. They have continued to grow as a conduit to consumers using touchless pay systems with a simple tap on a sign. “So, you can see we were already far ahead of the new normal as far as touchless and cashless options were concerned,” said Tom Carter, President and Chief Operating Officer of Toledo Ticket Technologies.

 “Our new name embodies our commitment to our customers. For 110 years, we have continuously adapted our products and services to meet the needs of the industries and clients we serve”, said Carter. “We are proud to offer technology solutions that keep businesses running smoothly in today’s world and beyond.”

From producing roll tickets in 1910 for movie houses and carnivals to what they have evolved into today is a credit to the company’s leadership, vision, and values in truly providing what their customers want. Which is why Gumby became the company’s mascot. Gumby was chosen for having the ability to be flexible which symbolizes the company’s policy of bending over backwards to give the customer what they want not what Toledo has in stock.

Over the last several months, as business has slowed due to the pandemic, it was all hands-on deck at Toledo Ticket to check on the well-being of their parking family. They made several phone calls a day to reach out to customers to see how both their families and business families were doing and what they needed to regain any loss of business. It was often mentioned that drivers who normally used valet to park their car would need to be made comfortable with valet parking moving forward. Reaching out and understanding their customers’ needs is why the Valet Safe Car Care TM product line was created. This line includes Custom Steering Wheel Tags, Custom Disposable Floor Mats, and Custom Individual Sanitizing Wipe Packages. These products both protect and promote the operator’s business.

“Building relationships with our customers is at the core of who we are as a company. We do not have traditional customer-vendor relationships, but we are partners whose successes depend on each other. We spend a lot of time in conversations with our customers as it is important for us to understand the challenges our customer’s face and how we can help them achieve their goals. I welcome anyone that sees a need or has an idea to improve the end-user’s access experience to reach out to me directly. I would love to hear your thoughts,” Carter said.

What do Toledo’s partners have to say?

Kacey Siskind, Senior Vice President of Honk Mobile states “Demand for HonkTAP has skyrocketed these past few months – we’re launching more locations, at a greater speed, than ever before in Honk’s history. Our partnership with Toledo gives us complete peace of mind that the production & fulfilment piece is well taken care of – thanks to their in-depth knowledge and best-in-class production team. We’re excited to continue our partnership and collaborate on future projects together. Parking world… just you wait!!”

Philip Crutchfield, CEO of Oobeo, Inc. shared “Toledo Ticket has been instrumental in helping Oobeo take our parking software to the next level.  As Oobeo continues to evolve and innovate, Toledo Ticket has been there every step of the way.  We collaborate with them on products we can come up with to make things even easier for the operators AND the guests.   It only makes sense they added Technology to their name, they were already innovating as it is.”

Bart Christenson, VP of The Tire Tag, stated “Toledo Ticket Technologies has helped us integrate modern technology into our parking enforcement solution. We specializes in reducing confrontation while increasing compliance in the Parking Enforcement Industry. Toledo Ticket Technologies provides us with QR code embedded window decals, which allow instant access to our Payment Portal. With our shared values, we look at Toledo Ticket Technologies not as just a vendor, but as a partner for the future growth of our company”.

Susan McDermott, AVP North America Transcore, shares that “As an industry leader in parking and access control AVI, TransCore partners with Toledo to embed our RFID technology in their customizable hang tags to enable a high degree of sustainability with non-battery powered tags that offer hands-free access control to improve traffic flow.”   

Toledo Ticket has been a cornerstone of the parking industry and the name change only reinforces that they will continue to be key player in the parking industry for a long time.

Contact: Dave Dorner, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing