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CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc.

CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc.
What are you doing today to get ready for the future? Since improving the present is the first step toward a successful future, our goal is to help your organization realize the most benefit from its existing resources. Call CMA to work with you on: - policy development - operations auditing - financial analysis - capital planning - organizational design - strategic planning - parking demand calibration - employee education and much more!

Contact: CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc.
1600 Market Street, 26th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103-7219
Phone: 215-564-6464
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Walter P Moore

Walter P Moore
Midtown Superblock Park and Garage Houston, Texas Historically a prominent Houston neighborhood, Midtown is experiencing a revitalization and tremendous growth. To address the parking challenges and help shape the area into a thriving, pedestrian-friendly urban environment, Midtown Redevelopment Authority has developed Midtown Park and Garage. This landmark project includes a 3-acre park with a 400-car parking garage directly underneath and other amenities such as an entertainment pavilion, water features, and restaurants. One of the biggest challenges was how to have a living, sustainable park above a below-grade parking garage. Our structural and diagnostics engineers worked closely with our parking engineers to design an operationally efficient garage while allowing the park’s trees to grow and thrive. Midtown Park is intended to create a central, unifying place where people can gather, yet make it easy to access on foot or by car, light rail, bus, or bike.

Contact: Walter P. Moore
1301 McKinney, 11th floor
Houston, TX 77010
Phone: 800 364-7300
Fax: 713-630-7396

Next Parking

Next Parking
Millennium Park Parking Garage, Chicago, IL Asset Management – Next Parking, LLC is the Asset Manager for the largest underground parking complex in America, Millennium Parking Garages. The facility includes over 9,100 subterranean parking spaces with 4,000,000 SF below Millennium Park and Grant Park on Chicago’s lakefront. Asset management services include: management of third party contractors, complete accounting services, cap-ex project management, operational review, formation of long term business strategy and marketing alternative uses for available parking spaces. Acquisitions – Next Parking, LLC is looking to acquire parking assets up to $50 million, with higher purchases considered on a case by case scenario. Consulting – Next Parking, LLC solicits RFP’s from parking operators on behalf of property ownership. Next also provides operational reviews with a focus on maximizing revenue and controlling expenses, review and recommendation of upgrades to the PARC and lighting systems, ventilation and electrical consumption, staffing and the formation and implementation of long-term business plans.

400 Skokie Blvd., Suite 800
Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: 847-881-2000


THIRD AVENUE GARAGE RESTORATION Pittsburgh Parking Authority, Pittsburgh, PA DESMAN developed a 14-month repair program for the 600-parking space, 6-level cast-in-place structure. The project required no more than 200 spaces be removed at any one time, the garage remain functional and construction to be concluded by 10pm each day. This award winning project was the focus of the largest capital repair project in The Pittsburgh Parking Authority's 73-year history. DESMAN was the Architect and Structural Engineer. Nathan Contracting was the Contractor. Total Cost of the Project: $7.4 million.

Contact: DESMAN
20 N. Clark Street, 4th floor
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: 312-263-8400
Fax: 312-263-8406

Choate Parking Consultants, Inc.

Choate Parking Consultants, Inc.
CPC is an Architectural firm specializing in parking planning and building design. Our staff of architectural professionals understands how parking buildings integrate into the campus while remaining budget sensitive. The balance of function, aesthetic and economy must be achieved with any building. Parking many times is ancillary to the primary functions on campus and must be cost effective while providing a clear and easy circulation to available parking and for pedestrians to their destination. Maximizing the flat floors and improving sight lines helps to develop a sense of safety and well-being for patrons.

Contact: Choate Parking Consultants, Inc.
16969 Von Karman Ave. Suite 230
Irvine, CA 92606
Phone: 949-494-0880

The Marlyn Group

The Marlyn Group
A Different Approach Holding over four decades of combined experience in the parking industry, Marlyn Group offers proven, real-world solutions that get results in a time that requires agile business teams. Executive Search Our search process is driven by deep industry insight and fine-tuned recruitment tools. We begin by listening to your unique needs and targeting the best new talent to be part of your team. The responsiveness and breadth of our professional network drives an efficient, successful placement process. Management Consulting Consulting shouldn’t be a dirty word. Our people-performance metrics illuminate what’s working and what’s not; our specialized knowledge and experience help us see why from an unbiased perspective. When we place the best people in the right roles and then shape those individuals into a highly functioning team, we produce sustainable, better results.

979 High Street, Suite 200
Worthington, Ohio 43085
Phone: 800 825-6310
Fax: 800 825-6310